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The Utility Arborist Association provides wonderful career opportunities for those best suited to making a difference in the way people, businesses, utilities, and arboriculture integrate within our local communities, regional landscapes, national countrysides, and shared global environments. The UAA relies on our employees to help foster a culture of safety, environmental sustainability, education, and operational excellence throughout our growing organization.

Serving more than 5,000 members, UAA administrative opportunities are perfect for individuals who enjoy filling a variety of roles and are adept at managing a diverse array of responsibilities. UAA’s inherent organizational structure is ideal for those that are self-motivated, enjoy interacting with others, and can succeed working either independently or in collaboration with small groups and committees.

Operating with a small and dedicated staff, UAA is committed to providing all employees with an optimal work-life balance, work-from-home opportunities, and the ability to build lasting careers. With a supportive leadership structure, every member of our team is afforded the ability and resources to make a significant impact on our organization. Perhaps said best, UAA employees enjoy what they do, those they work with, and the membership and organization they serve.

UAA staff will be provided with a comprehensive salary and benefits package. If you are interested in joining our team, please apply directly to one of our relevant open positions using the links below. If you have any questions, please contact pcharlton@gotouaa.org


The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the Utility Arborist Association as directed by the Board of Directors and serves as the administrator for all UAA activities. The Executive Director helps the Board fulfill its governance function and provides staff with direction and leadership toward achieving the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and annual goals and objectives. [READ MORE]


The Outreach & Marketing Manager is responsible for promoting the overall mission of the Utility Arborist Association by creating positive brand awareness for UAA specifically, and for the industry overall. The Outreach & Marketing Manager focuses on building and maintaining relationships to ensure the UAA is continually providing stakeholders with meaningful and relevant advocacy and support. [READ MORE]