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Utility Forester - Auditor

Washington Forestry Consultants, Inc. - Medford, OR , USA

Starting Date :

Location of job:
Medford, OR

Posted By: :
Galen Wright

Job Description:

Location:    Oregon and California (Base is Somewhat Flexible) – Prefer Medford - SW Oregon 


Description of Duties:


  • Inspect completed tree and brush work on distribution and transmission powerlines in SW Oregon and Northern California.
  • Verify work completed, safety, compliance with regulations and specifications, and quality of work. 
  • Utilize laptop computer with ArcPad 10 and GPS to collect data.
  • Good tree identification and public relations skills are essential. 
  • Must be able to walk in difficult terrain and operate a 4x4 vehicle. 
  • Must have excellent communications skills to deal with the public, tree crews, and utility foresters.
  • Must have or attain ISA Certified Arborist certification as soon as possible.


    Assignment Duration:  Full-Time  


    Education/Work Experience:  BS or AS in forestry, horticulture, or other natural resource field, or, a Certified Arborist with at least 2 years of utility auditing and/or utility vegetation management program experience.   A commericial arborist will be considered.  Must be motivated, ambitious, and detail oriented.    


    Compensation:    Depends on Qualifications, Education & Experience.


    Benefits:   Competitive medical, 401(k), holidays, and vacation pay plus:

  1. Membership dues in ISA, PNWISA, and UAA paid.
  2. WFCI Logo clothing provided at no cost to employee


    Vehicle:   WFCI will provide a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma Access d Cab or similar vehicle for use on the job.  Vehicle is for work use only.


    Posting Date: February 18, 2019. Send Resumes to galenwfci@aol.com, FAX 360-943-4128, or call 800-276-1723.  Website:  www.waforestry.com

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Galen Wright
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