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Senior Tree Surgeon

Los Angeles Unified School District - Los Angeles, California , United States

Starting Date :
03/04/2019 00:00:00

Location of job:
Los Angeles, CA

Posted By: :
Roy Yurong

Job Description:

Job Description

A Senior Tree Surgeon assists the Tree Maintenance Supervisor in planning and supervising tree surgery

and tree trimming work, estimates job costs, and performs skilled tree surgery and trimming.

Job Responsibilities

Some of the core duties that job incumbents will perform, may require that he/she:

  • Supervises the work of personnel performing tree surgery and tree trimming.
  • Inspects trees on school and office sites and determines the best methods of performing tree surgery and trimming.
  •  Estimates labor and material costs of proposed tree work.
  •  Inspects work progress and the quality of work performed.
  • Climbs, repairs, trims, tops, prunes, and shapes trees.
  • Boxes, balls, cables, braces, and fells trees.
  • Strips or supervises the stripping of vines from buildings.
  •  Operates hand and power tools and equipment.
  •  Inspects hand and power tools for serviceability and safety.
  •  Sharpens or supervises the sharpening of cutting edges.
  •  Changes or supervises the changing of blades inside chippers and on chain saws.
  •  Performs the more difficult tree surgery work.
  • Maintains records of time expended on jobs.
  • May act for the Tree Maintenance Supervisor during absences.


Minimum Requirements


Graduation from high school or evidence of equivalent educational proficiency, preferably supplemented by courses in tree surgery arboriculture, horticulture, agriculture and supervision.



Three years of experience in tree surgery that includes trimming, pruning, and felling. Experience must also include the trimming of tall tress using ropes, safety belts, and other climbing apparatus.


How to Apply

In order to be considered for this position, qualified candidates must visit http://www.lausdjobs.org to apply.

Click on the link “Jobs Open to the Public” to find job opportunity  OR click HERE

The Los Angeles Unified School District intends that all qualified persons shall have equal opportunities for employment and promotion

Reasonable accommodations in completing an application and testing are available to individuals with disabilities. Please call (213) 241-3455 for more information

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