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Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund) and Utility Arborist Association (UAA) established the Utility Arborist Research Fund (UARF) in 2010 to finance work with real importance and benefit to utility tree care professionals. In 2017, the UARF endowment reached its $1.0 million activation goal, and the first grant under this program was awarded in 2018. TREE Fund manages the UARF endowment and administers all research grants awarded, while UAA’s Research Committee advises TREE Fund with respect to research priorities. Given the immense scope of annual utility arboriculture work on a global basis, if UARF-funded research can generate even a 1.0% reduction in tree-related outages, customer complaints, vegetation management complexity or emergency tree work, the financial, public relations, and worker safety returns on investment will be immense.


TREE Fund will accept completed applications only between January 15 and March 15, 2019. To apply, send an email containing a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) of no more than 100 words describing your project title and concept to treefund@treefund.org before March 1, 2019, ideally linking your concept to one of the defined 2019 priority areas. Your LOI must clearly identify the Principal Investigator and Institution who will be contracted for the work should your application be approved.

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Utility Rights-of-Way Wildlife Research at Penn State

Latest Research Findings: Plant and Animal Response to Right-of-Way Treatments

Managing Liability and Risk of Unavoidable Events

Prepared from utility Arborist Association System Managers Summit, April 14-15, 2015 | Nashville, TN

This paper summarizes key issues around managing the risk and associated liabilities in instances where electric distribution and transmission systems are affected by events or entities beyond the control of the utility, state regulatory body, and FERC/NERC.

Rights-of-Way Past Proceedings

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