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The UAA is pleased to offer members this series of Fact Sheets which can be used to keep your customers, employees, crew members and others up-to-date on topics relevant to the utility vegetation management industry. Members should feel free to download and distribute as needed.

To suggest a topic or to volunteer to draft a future Fact Sheet, please contact office@gotouaa.org and please use the subject line: UAA FACT SHEET

The fact sheets listed below are just one benefit of UAA membership.

Sustainable Integrated Vegetation Management

 •  Sustainability  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Biodiversity  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Cultural Resources                                English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Critical Vegetation Rules                        English PDF  Spanish PDF

Integrated Vegetation Management

 •  Customer Satisfaction  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Integrated Vegetation Management  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Stump Treatment  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Backpack Foliar Treatment  English PDF  Spanish PDF



 •  Tick Bite Prevention & Care  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Chainsaw Safety   English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Hostile Customer Relations   English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Poisonous Plants  English PDF   Spanish PDF
 •  Hydration  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Snake Avoidance  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Cold Weather Illness Prevention  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Dog Bite Prevention  English PDF  Spanish PDF
 •  Risk of Hazardous Trees                                English PDF  Spanish PDF
 • Active Shooter  English PDF  Spanish PDF