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UAA Video Library

We are proud to be the ultimate industry resource for all things vegetation management. Check out this collection of videos spanning various industry topics. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of new releases!


Keep the Power Flowing

Pruning Trees Around Power Lines

Grow & Flow


Safety First, Safety Always – Woodchipper Safety

Safety First, Safety Always – Dog Bite Prevention

Safety First, Safety Always – Look Up and Live

Safety First, Safety Always – Step and Touch Potential. Be a STAR!

Safety First: A Documentary of Safety in the Vegetation Industry


NYPA’s IVM Contract Structure

Creating our Identity


IVM Crew Retention

Introduction to the New York Power Authority’s Transmission System

Starting an IVM Program

Pam Money Talks About the Nelsen Money Scholarship Program

Dennis Fallon Discusses The Nelsen Money Scholarship Program

Connor N. on The Importance of the Nelsen Money Scholarship Program


UAA Environmental Stewardship: Biological Controls

ROW Environmental Stewardship

ROW13 Opening Plenary Video

ROW 13 Tuesday Academia Panel

ROW13 Catawba Nation and Keynote Video

ROW13 Wednesday Closing Plenary Panel

ROW13 Closing Comments


UAA Leadership Discusses Safety, Sustainability and more

UAA Women in Utility Vegetation Management


La Saguridad Primero, La Seguridad Siempre – Seguridad de la Astilladora de Madera

Gestión Ambiental de la UAA: Controles Biológicos

La seguridad primero, la seguridad siempre – Prevención de mordeduras de perro

La seguridad primero, la seguridad siempre. Potencial de Paso y Toque. Ser una estrella.

La seguridad es lo primero, seguridad siempre: Mira hacia arriba y vive









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