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Utility rights of way are essential parts of the ecosystems that sustain humans and the life around us. An important component of productive ecosystems is a diverse and abundant community of pollinators. Much has been written about honeybees but we have ignored the thousands of species of native bee, moth and butterfly pollinators in our landscapes.

Learn about the important ecological roles of these species and the plants required to support their populations in our landscapes.

Biological Controls

Using integrated vegetation management (IVM) to prevent trees from interfering with power lines and pipelines is sustainable, cost-efficient, and benefits the local environment. IVM is a system for adaptive land management that includes the use of biological controls. Learn how compatible, low-growing plant communities that naturally resist trees and other incompatible plants can improve results on the right-of-way.

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ROW Environmental Stewardship

Starting an IVM Program


NYPA’s IVM Contract Structure

Crew Retention

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