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The UAA is an organization of over 5,000 individuals with interest in and a commitment to the maintenance of trees and other vegetation for the purpose of ensuring the safe and reliable distribution of energy, including electric, oil and gas, to business and residences.

VISION “We are the leading organization for those who provide professional vegetation management services.”


UAA MISSION “We will drive excellence, innovation, and improvement in utility vegetation management through professional development, outreach, research, and the use of best practices.”


UAA CORE VALUES A culture of safety, environmental sustainability, education, and operational excellence forms the foundation of our organization.

UAA Membership

The Utility Arborist Association is the premier organization for individuals and companies who desire to provide professional utility arboricultural services. Members of the UAA and their employers have a commitment to the public to enhance the practice of arboriculture.


UAA is a volunteer-led organization supported by a small staff which includes the Operations Manager and the Executive Director.

The Executive Committee partners with the staff, and this includes the President, President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and 3-6 Directors supported by the immediate Past President. The Treasurer is elected annually. All others are elected for three-year terms.


Dennis Fallon

Dennis Fallon

Executive Director

UAA, Ham Lake, MN

Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh


The Davey Tree Expert Company, Kent, OH

Geoff Kempter

Geoff Kempter

Past President

Asplundh, Grand Rapids, MI

Brandon Hughson

Brandon Hughson


Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements, Minnetonka, MN

Matt Goff

Matt Goff

Vice President

Georgia Power Company, Atlanta, GA

Jim Neeser

Jim Neeser


The Davey Resource Group, Forest Lake, MN

Erin Creekmur

Erin Creekmur


Arizona Public Service/ APS

Adam Warf

Adam Warf


Environmental Consultants, LLC (ECI)

Kevin Puls

Kevin Puls


ACRT, Ohio

Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly


Pacific Gas & Electric, CA

Dr. John Ball

Dr. John Ball


University of South Dakota, SD

Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen


Rocky Mountain Power


Diona Neeser

Diona Neeser

Operations Manager

Renee Phillips

Renee Phillips

Member Services Manager

Our UAA Past Presidents

2022 Geoff Kempter Asplundh
2021 Paul Hurysz Duke Energy
2020 Eric Brown SMUD
2019 Bob Richens ArborMetrics
2018 Sara Sankowich Unitil
2017 Craig Kelly PG&E
2016 Joe Osborne Empire District
2015 D. Fleischner Trees, Inc.
2014 P. Jelen Arizona Public Service
2013 A. Beard Public Service New Mexico
2012 R. Hendler Dow AgroSciences
2011 W. Nutter Wright Tree Service
2010 N. Money Pacific Gas & Electric, Ret.
2009 R. Miller PacifiCorp
2008 W. Peterson Davey Tree Expert Co.
2007 J. Orr Asplundh
2006 B. Fisher BC Hydro
2005 L. Grayson American Electric Power
2004 R. Bell Pacific Gas & Electric
2003 K. Eckert Arborglobal
2002 S. Cieslewicz CN Utility Consulting
2001 M.A. Neal Arizona Public Service
2000 S.A. Asplundh Asplundh Tree
1999 R. Johnstone Conectiv
1998 J. Arkett Duquesne Light
1997 J. Downie Public Service Colorado
1996 M. Simons Atlantic Electric
1995 S. Hallmark Puget Sound P&L
1994 D. Holewinski ECI
1993 R. Bailey Tampa Electric
1992 J. Goodfellow Puget Sound P&L
1991 R.N. Thiessen TransAlta Utilities
1990 M. Watson Potomac Edison
1989 R.Wells Philadelphia Electric
1988 D.Van Bossuyt Portland GE
1987 D.Konieczka Wisconsin Electric
1986 J. Oatman Florida Power
1985 H. Wilder Houston L&P
1984 S.T. Griffiths Ontario Hydro
1983 M.E. Treece Duke Power
1982 R. Van Bossuyt N.E. Power
1981 C.J. Pilkerton S. California Edison
1980 E.S. Ulrich Metropolitan-Edison
1979 W.B. Clowney Philadelphia Electric
1978 E.T. Naese Georgia Power
1977 G.A. Kihl Indiana P.S.C.
1976 B.F. Swisher Columbus & S
1975 I.O. Bauer Baltimore G&E
1974 W.P. Jenkins Ontario Hydro
1973 J.E. Knight Detroit Edison
1972 C.E. Lee S. California Edison
1971 G.K. Brown Georgia Power
1970 J.J. Crann Connecticut L&P

Our UAA Past Presidents

2022    Geoff Kempter, Asplundh

2021    Paul Hurysz, Duke Energy

2020    Eric Brown, SMUD

2019    Bob Richens, ArborMetrics

2018    Sara Sankowich, Unitil

2017    Craig Kelly, PG&E

2016    Joe Osborne, Empire District

2015    D. Fleischner, Trees, Inc.

2014    P. Jelen, Arizona Public Service

2013    A. Beard, Public Service New Mexico

2012    R. Hendler, Dow AgroSciences

2011    W. Nutter, Wright Tree Service

2010    N. Money, Pacific Gas & Electric, Ret.

2009    R. Miller, PacifiCorp

2008    W. Peterson, Davey Tree Expert Co.

2007    J. Orr, Asplundh

2006    B. Fisher, BC Hydro

2005    L. Grayson, American Electric Power

2004    R. Bell, Pacific Gas & Electric

2003    K. Eckert, Arborglobal

2002    S. Cieslewicz, CN Utility Consulting

2001    M.A. Neal, Arizona Public Service

2000    S.A. Asplundh, Asplundh Tree

1999    R. Johnstone, Conectiv

1998    J. Arkett, Duquesne Light

1997    J. Downie, Public Service Colorado

1996    M. Simons, Atlantic Electric

1995    S. Hallmark, Puget Sound P&L

1994    D. Holewinski, ECI

1993    R. Bailey, Tampa Electric

1992    J. Goodfellow, Puget Sound P&L

1991    R.N. Thiessen, TransAlta Utilities

1990    M. Watson, Potomac Edison

1989    R.Wells, Philadelphia Electric

1988    D.Van Bossuyt, Portland GE

1987    D.Konieczka, Wisconsin Electric

1986    J. Oatman, Florida Power

1985    H. Wilder, Houston L&P

1984    S.T. Griffiths, Ontario Hydro

1983    M.E. Treece, Duke Power

1982    R. Van Bossuyt , N.E. Power

1981    C.J. Pilkerton, S. California Edison

1980    E.S. Ulrich, Metropolitan-Edison

1979    W.B. Clowney, Philadelphia Electric

1978    E.T. Naese, Georgia Power

1977    G.A. Kihl, Indiana P.S.C.

1976    B.F. Swisher, Columbus & S

1975    I.O. Bauer, Baltimore G&E

1974    W.P. Jenkins, Ontario Hydro

1973    J.E. Knight, Detroit Edison

1972    C.E. Lee S., California Edison

1971    G.K. Brown, Georgia Power

1970    J.J. Crann, Connecticut L&P