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Managers and practitioners should be aware of all relevant standards and Best Management Practices (BMPs) related to utility arboriculture and utility vegetation management. The UAA encourages employers to make these BMPs available to all field personnel.

Tree Worker Safety ANSI Z133: The 2017 Z133 Safety Standard was developed for the arboriculture industry under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute. The 2017 revision provides the most current criteria in the United States for arborists and other workers engaged in arboricultural operations:

  • General safety
  • Electrical hazard
  • Use of vehicles and mobile equipment
  • Portable power hand tools
  • Hand tools and ladders
  • Climbing
  • Work procedures

This publication provides an essential guide for federal, state, and municipal authorities in drafting regulations.

ANSI A300 Standards are the generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices.
They are voluntary industry consensus standards developed by TCIA and written by a committee called the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A300, whose mission is to develop consensus performance standards based on current research and sound practice for writing specifications to manage trees, shrubs, and other woody plants.

ANSI A300 Standards

    Industry Best Management Practices


    Industry leaders gather each year at the System Utility Vegetation Management Summit and discuss best practices. The following white papers provide insight into various issues and current thinking about state-of-the-art utility vegetation management. Please note that these papers have not undergone the type of rigorous review that would qualify them as “Best Management Practices” but reflect the discussion among these industry leaders.

    Presentations made at the 2015 Utility Vegetation Managers Summit


    Utility Rights-of-Way Wildlife Research at Penn State

    Latest Research Findings: Plant and Animal Response to Right-of-Way Treatments

    Rights-of-Way Past Proceedings

    Review information from previous symposiums.

    Cost-efficiency of IVM

    See report: The Cost-Efficiency of IVM

    Managing Liability and Risk of Unavoidable Events

    Prepared from utility Arborist Association System Managers Summit, April 14-15, 2015 | Nashville, TN

    This paper summarizes key issues around managing the risk and associated liabilities in instances where electric distribution and transmission systems are affected by events or entities beyond the control of the utility, state regulatory body, and FERC/NERC.


    The UAA offers other sources of information to our members from study guides to pass your Utility Specialist Certification to brochures your organization can use on site with clients.

    The Utility Specialist Certification Study Guide is based on scientific research and proven best practices. This book provides utility arborists and foresters with the information necessary to navigate the complexities of today’s vegetation management industry.

    It covers the latest methods and techniques in the areas of safety, program and personnel management, utility pruning, integrated vegetation management, electrical knowledge, storm preparation and response, and communications.

    This study guide can be found on the ISA Bookstore:

    Public information brochures, developed by the UAA to help the utility arborist educate consumers, are now available. The new versions have been reviewed and redesigned by the UAA Education Committee.

    The brochures are

    • Technically accurate
    • Developed by working utility arborists
    • Reviewed by utility customers
    • Easy to understand

    Safety Requirements for the Tree Care Profession

    This brochure contains life-saving information for property owners and for tree care workers who perform work near electrical facilities. The brochure pdf can be customized in Adobe Acrobat with your business contact information.

    Utility Pruning of Trees

    The UAA has listened to our members and we have developed a brochure that can be used by the utility to show customers the appropriate and accepted pruning methods for line clearance.

    To check prices and place your order for printed copies, contact UAA:

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