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UAA Committees are groups of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the UAA’s goals and mission. We need the help of our members to manage events, explore educational opportunities, and much more. These committees are also a great way to network with other like-minded and driven professionals! Check out the list of committees below to find out which suit you best!

Editorial Committee

The Editorial committee is chartered to create publications for UAA members and the public. The two primary publications are the UAA Newsline and the Transmission and Distribution World Vegetation Management Supplement. The Editorial committee is made up of volunteers from Utilities and Vendors respectively. This mix gives unique points of views that represent the entire UAA membership. The mission of the Editorial committee is to be the voice of the UAA. The committee uses this voice to notify, inform and educate the industry.

Events Committee

The Events Committee develops and delivers regional training and networking opportunities that support the UAA’s current goals and objectives.  Focusing on key concepts like Safety and Environmental Sustainability, one of the committee’s annual goals is to offer 6 or more regional training opportunities – regional meetings hosted by local UAA Membership, and regional or national partner events.  The training at each meeting qualifies for continuing education units (CEUs) in multiple professional disciplines.

We are always looking for committee members, especially those interested in supporting development and delivery of training and networking opportunities in their region.  Typical lead time required to develop a regional program is 1 year for new meetings and 6 months for recurring events.  New and renewing interests/commitments are evaluated annually based on existing meeting commitments, estimated demand, engaged local support, and available resources needed to support the event.

Finance Committee

The finance committee is in place to ensure our organizational strength. The main tasks include developing an annual budget, reviewing our policies, managing revenue and expenses, participating in an annual audit, and safeguarding our financial integrity. This committee works diligently to provide financial stability to allow for funding of our training and educational pursuits for our members.

Professional Development Committee

The main goal of the Professional Development Committee is to provide educational opportunities for UAA members and other vegetation management professionals.  A major objective we’ve recently taken on is supporting the Professional Utility Vegetation Management Development training and credentialing program offered through the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.  Throughout the year, we focus on developing materials to educate UAA members, partners, and the public about relevant topics.  It is important for us to be able to provide opportunities for UAA members to obtain CEU’s, required for maintaining professional credentials, through online quizzes and webinars.  In addition to developing educational materials, we also identify and prioritize the need for Spanish translation of industry materials and ensure those translations are completed.

Research Committee

The UAA research committee focuses on advancing the UAA strategic objectives of keeping the association current with new and existing technology and informing the public of relevant research. The research committee also works closely with the Tree Fund to administer the Utility Arborist’s Tree Fund and will contribute to the grant selection process. The committee keeps current by benchmarking priorities solicited from members.  Through frequent review of these priorities, we strive to advance the UAA research agenda. By forming strategic partnerships with other groups involved in industry research and technology transfer, we ensure relevancy as we grow technologically and keep our membership informed and the UAA connected to likeminded groups. Our overarching goals thus can be summarized as technology driven and collaboratively reinforced to help give the membership of the UAA an industry perspective that is reflective of current trends and in touch with emerging philosophies.

Right of Way Symposium Committee

The purpose of the Right of Way Symposium committee is to bring together individuals in a cooperative way to promote the symposia that is held every 3 years.

Our goal as a committee is to achieve the following:

Organizational central focus. Represent and lead the planning for the symposia call for papers, organization of the final proceedings and overall flow of the event which includes the field tours with our local host utility.

Central coordination & Contact: Our committee is a visible and approachable group for utilities, vendors, government agencies, consulting firms and universities with concern about the environmental impacts of rights of ways. As a whole this committee is responsible for creating the dynamics event called the International Symposium for Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management 

Safety Committee

The purpose of the UAA safety committee is to bring Utility Arborists and management together in a cooperative way to promote safety and health in our Industry. Our goal is to achieve the following:

Organizational central focus. Represent and lead the Utility Line Clearance industry, from an organizational perspective, to take a proactive approach in promoting and advocating a culture of safety.

Sounding board. Our committee is a visible and approachable body for safety or health problems, concerns and suggestions as it relates to the Utility Line Clearance Industry.

Central coordination. With UAA Board direction, much of the coordination of safety messaging, promotion, and safety cultural developmental activities will be developed though this committee.

Summit Best Practices Committee

The UAA Summit Committee has three main goals that drive our activity through the course of the year.  Our primary goal is to annually bring together a significant cross section of utility vegetation management practitioners from across North America and beyond to discuss issues critical to sustaining and advancing our industry and to identify and secure consensus on industry accepted practices.  These in-depth discussions allow the development of concepts that influence, and which present the opportunity to improve, vegetation management programs.  When these concepts are fully developed, they are shared with the broader industry on the UAA website as white papers, industry accepted practices, or when appropriate, industry best practices. You must be a current utility employee to sit on this committee.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

The goal is to create a culture of environmental sustainability within the UAA and throughout the UVM profession.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee will actively engage, exchange information, and educate peer groups within the broader VM community to develop BMP’s

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