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UAA Standing Committees

UAA Committees are groups of volunteers dedicated to maintaining the UAA’s goals and mission. We need the help of our members to manage events, explore educational opportunities, and much more. These committees are also a great way to network with other like-minded and driven professionals! Check out the list of committees below to find out which suit you best!

Editorial Committee

As the voice of the UAA, the Editorial Committee oversees the creation of UAA publications, primarily the bi-monthly UAA Newsline and the annual T&D World Vegetation Management Supplement. The Newsline features a variety of topics based around a theme for each issue. The T&D World VM Supplement focuses on timely VM concerns for the utility industry. To ensure objectivity, the committee includes members from both utilities and suppliers.

Those with an interest in overseeing the content of information coming from the UAA, or writing for publication, should consider involvement with the Editorial Committee.

Events Committee

The Events Committee develops regional training and networking opportunities to support the UAA’s goals and objectives. An annual goal is to offer six or more regional training opportunities, hosted by local UAA Membership, along with other regional or national partner events as appropriate. Continuing education units (CEUs) are offered in multiple professional disciplines. Proposed events, whether new or ongoing, are evaluated based on existing meeting commitments, estimated demand, engaged local support, and available resources.

If you want to be involved in planning interesting and engaging educational events, the Events Committee is looking for you.

Finance Committee

The finance committee oversees the financial integrity of the UAA. The committee develops an annual budget, manages revenue and expenses, participates in an annual audit, and reviews policies. Financial stability allows for ongoing funding of training and educational pursuits for our members.

People with a head for numbers and who care about ensuring the financial integrity of the UAA are welcome on the Finance Committee.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides UAA members with opportunities to obtain professional credentials and to advance their careers. Support of the Utility Vegetation Management Certificate program at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is a prime example. Professional development also includes opportunities for those just starting in the industry as well as those who are well into their careers. An important role is ensuring that members can obtain CEUs required to maintain professional credentials. The committee also identifies and prioritizes information for Spanish translation.

If you have a passion for teaching and helping others learn and advance their careers, consider joining the Professional Development Committee.

Research Committee

The UAA research committee focuses on advancing the UAA strategic objectives by applying new and existing research and technology and providing this information to the industry. The research committee also works closely with the TREE Fund to administer the Utility Arborist Research Fund and contributes to the grant selection process. The committee keeps current through periodic benchmarking and review of priorities solicited from members. By forming strategic partnerships with other groups involved in industry research and technology transfer, we keep our membership informed and the UAA connected to likeminded groups.

Those with an interest in how basic and applied research can help advance the interests of utility arboriculture have a place on the Research Committee.

Right of Way Symposium Committee

The purpose of this committee is to plan and promote the International Symposium for Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management, a scientific symposium series that has been running since 1976. The 13th Symposium was in Charlotte, NC in 2022, and the 14th is planned for Vancouver British Columbia in spring 2026. Attendees come from around the world, including all types of right-of-way managers, environmental scientists, consultants, and others with an interest in how right-of-way maintenance activities affect the environment. The committee’s work includes a call for papers, coordination with local hosts, setting up a field tour, and organizing the proceedings and overall flow of the event.

Those interested in planning an important international environmental symposium will be welcome on this committee.

Safety Committee

The purpose of the UAA Safety Committee is to bring members together in a cooperative way to promote safety and health in our industry. Areas of focus include:

  • Position the UAA to lead the industry in a proactive approach to promote and advocate for a culture of safety.
  • Be visible and approachable for safety or health problems, concerns, and suggestions as it relates to the industry.
  • Be accountable to the UAA Board for the coordination of safety messaging, promotion, and safety cultural developmental activities.

Those who understand the value of developing a culture of safety will be welcome on the Safety Committee.

Summit Committee

The UAA Summit Committee is charged with planning the annual UAA Utility Vegetation Manager Summit, which brings utility practitioners from across North America to discuss issues critical to sustaining and advancing our industry. From the discussion, the Summit develops concepts that influence and improve vegetation management overall. These concepts can be shared as white papers or developed into industry best practices.

Members of this committee must be employed by a utility company.

Environmental Stewardship Committee

This committee works to create a culture of environmental sustainability within the UAA and throughout the UVM profession. The committee finds writers and assigns topics for UAA Newsline articles, oversees the development of videos with an environmental theme, and works to fulfill the environmental vision as set for by the UAA Board of Directors.

Those who wish to ensure that UAA and the profession act in an environmentally sustainable manner should consider joining the Environmental Stewardship Committee.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee actively engages, exchanges information, and educates peer groups within the broader green industry to ensure that UAA interests are met. This committee actively looks for areas of common ground and opportunities to expand UAA membership.

If you are interested in helping the UAA expand its reach, consider joining the Outreach Committee.

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