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Scholarship Application Window Closing Soon

You still have a few more days to encourage someone to apply for the Nelsen Money Scholarship Awards. The UAA will only accept applications submitted through Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Please note that recipients will be notified within two weeks of the final award decision. An award letter will include instructions on submitting acceptance information for the scholarship.

Review details and APPLY NOW before the deadline!

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(l to r) Dennis Fallon, Rich Hendler, (ACRT), and Geoff Kempter, (UAA Past President) 2023 ISA Southern Chapter Conference & Trade Show, Chattanooga, Tennessee

UAA Executive Director on the Move

Whether by plane, train or automobile, UAA Executive Director Dennis Fallon has just wrapped up a busy first quarter of stateside travel.

So far, Dennis paid visits to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee, West Virginia and Arizona for a college career fair, association conferences and meetings, including National Pheasant Fest. It’s important, he says, for the UAA to be well-represented.

“These events help inform us about what is occurring in the industry and what disrupters the organization may face in the future,” Dennis says. “All the information gathering and access to the conversations help us do our jobs better as well as stay informed on industry trends or tendencies.

“I credit our volunteers who do a great job when our staff cannot be present, though we try to have our team on site as often as we can.”

Dennis says feedback from the people he meets has been positive and constructive, especially those who tell him how much they appreciate the efforts of the UAA staff to keep the organization moving forward.

”Meeting UAA members and catching up with folks I have not seen in a while is always a treat for me. It is humbling to be in my position. I welcome the opportunity to hear the candid perceptions of the folks that are out on the frontlines of this industry every day.”

Later this month, Dennis will speak to arboriculture students at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul. With the overall number of events on this year’s calendar, he’s hopeful for an impressive turn out of UAA membership.

“I’ve been talking with the team working on the System Utility Vegetation Manager’s Summit in Ohio in May and it sounds like they have assembled an outstanding event. There are UAA Safety Summits in Minnesota and Indiana where staff will be on hand. Of course, the crown jewel of programing is always the Trees & Utilities Conference in Pittsburgh this September. The T & U program committee has poured themselves into content review and are putting together a tremendous event with something for everyone.”