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The UAA Board of Directors is responsible for the sustainable operation of the organization including finances, day-to-day activities, and guiding the future direction of the association. The UAA is looking for qualified nominees who are able and willing to serve on the Board.

Who is on the Board?

  • A President Elect, who serves successively in the roles of Vice President, President and ending as Past-President. The immediate past president participates on the Board during his/her fourth year
  • A Treasurer
  • Four to six Directors who serve three years

Which elected positions are open this year?

  • Vice President
  • Directors (2)

How do I nominate someone?

An email will be sent to all active UAA members on May 1, 2023. In this email, a link will be provided to submit your nomination(s). NOTE: Please make sure the person you are nominating is aware and willing to participate as a Board member.

What criteria must be met by Board nominees?

  • The person must be a current UAA member in good standing
  • The individual must display a commitment to the UAA’s mission and goal. He/she must think strategically and communicate effectively
  • The person is required to commit to serve the UAA for the designated term in various capacities, from committee champion to attending meetings and sharing financial insight as well as being present for the UAA’s Annual Meeting at Trees & Utilities.

The UAA Nominating Committee will review all nominations submitted, discuss job responsibilities and commitments with the potential candidate, and develop a final slate of nominations for voting by UAA members.

What’s the nomination and election timeline?

  • Nominees will be accepted from May 1 – May 22, 2023 by current UAA Members in good standing
  • The final slate of nominations for voting by UAA members is from July 14 to August 1, 2023
  • Official election results will be announced at the UAA Annual Meeting, August 31, 2023, (or a later date if necessary)
  • The nomination timeline for board positions to be filled is effective September 1, 2023