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Your Support Powers Progress: Volunteer for a Thriving UA Community

The UAA is grateful for the invaluable support extended by all members. A decision to join the UAA not only benefits you personally, but also contributes significantly to the organization in various ways.

The financial contributions from our members and their organizations play a crucial role, enabling us to consistently deliver high-quality member services. This support is instrumental as we strive to realize our vision of becoming an integral part of the professional lives of individuals engaged in arboriculture and vegetation management.

Being a UAA member opens doors to volunteering opportunities across various facets of our organization. The only requirements to be a UAA volunteer include holding an active membership and the willingness to participate in meetings and expected tasks.

Why you should volunteer

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with others? Sign up to help on a committee and network with like-minded members. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage hands-on with industry partners. Discover how your personal interests align with the promotion of the UAA industry’s mission and vision. Volunteering even allows you greater access to UAA resources and opportunities.

Use Your Skills: How You Can Help

Here are some examples of being involved:

  • Contribute to professional development by creating quizzes, suggesting presenters for webinars, or proposing topics for our podcast partners.
  • Play a role in developing and delivering regional training and networking opportunities at UAA-hosted events.
  • Commit to educational programming and receive early notices for events such as UAA Annual Meetings, UVM Summit, Trees & Utilities Conference, and Environmental Concerns in Rights of Way Management Symposium.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? For more information, email us at: office@gotouaa.org. Please include “volunteer” in the email subject line.


What’s Happening in 2024 on the UAA Events Committee?

Looking ahead to 2024, the UAA Events Committee is buzzing with enthusiasm as it looks for active participation from you, the membership. Right now, the committee is finalizing the regional meeting locations for this year, including some exciting new venues. Events are planned for:

  • Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • New York
  • Ohio

Discussions are ongoing for a sixth event location. The committee’s primary focus is on promotion and establishing agendas filled with outstanding speakers and content.

The UAA Events Committee successfully concluded 2023 with several impactful regional meetings, including the October 25 – 26 meeting in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Response was positive for this new location, which featured an engaging evening of networking. The final regional event on November 14 – 15 in Tempe, Arizona, provided a distinctive experience with unique locations, diverse topics, and enriching field activities.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the planning, speaking, attending, and sponsoring of our 2023 events.


T&U Call for Papers: Share Your Expertise in Fort Worth, Texas

Are you interested in speaking at Trees & Utilities this year? The Call for Papers deadline is next month. We are looking for presentations in the following categories:

  • Community Programs & Urban Forestry
  • Education / Professional Development (Outreach)
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • DEI, Training, Recruitment, Workforce Retention
  • Safety
  • Industry Trends (Carbon Reduction, Supply Chain or Technology)
  • Resiliency

Submit your paper before the deadline, Weds., February 14, 2024.