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Some 350 people attended this year’s 13th Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management (ROW 13), October 9 – 12, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

UAA Executive Director Dennis Fallon credits the volunteer committees for creating an engaging environment for attendees.

“The local committee – led by Tom Johnson of Duke Energy – was key in developing the tours, recruiting speakers, and choosing the wonderful venues that made the event great,” Fallon said. “Creating the opportunity to have the Catawba Nation open the event with a Friendship Dance and cultural perspective exchange was an incredible experience.”

The ROW 13 Steering Committee – also made up of professional volunteers throughout North America and led by Chair Travis Rogers of Corteva Agriscience – guided the extensive planning of the symposium, which was interrupted by the global pandemic, delaying the normal three-year timeline to five years.

“These people – who gave up their valuable time and schedules – worked hard to ensure attendees experienced the local culture and had the opportunity to observe regional challenges and successes in rights-of-way management,” adds Fallon.

In addition, more than 100 authors, presenters, and panelists contributed to ROW 13’s programs, which highlighted innovation and best practices in the industry. Many of their peers participated in the technical review of the papers submitted, which allowed for the symposium to be published. Many thanks to them and to our event sponsors for their incredible support.

See you in Vancouver, British Columbia for ROW 14 in the Spring of 2026.