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Why you should attend a Safety Summit

The backdrop at the Gabis Arboretum was ideal for the two-day UAA Safety Summit July 20 and 21 in Valparaiso, Indiana. “This event was unique from others in the past because this was the first time we hosted it outdoors at an arboretum,” says T.K. Christie, Director...

Association Happenings: September, 2021

UAA Announces New Board Members UAA is pleased to report that we have new BOD members for 2021-2022. Officers and new board members announced at the Annual Meeting are: Geoff Kempter, President; Paul Hurysz, Past President; Tim Walsh, President – Elect; and Brandon...

Getting to know Dennis Fallon (Part II)

Dennis Fallon is more than a month into the job as UAA executive director, where he plans to lead with his passion for awareness, safety and professional development in utility arboriculture. In Part II of our conversation, hear more about how he views the association...

Mitigating Fire Risks

By Bob Urban, Senior Manager, ACRT Services *Editorial Note: The following article appeared in the July/August issue of the UAA Newsline. Wildland and prairie fires are not just a West Coast phenomenon. These fires pose a risk that not only impact the traditionally...