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The UAA offers a lot of resources for members. Late last year, we added access to something new – podcasts! The UVM Podcast is hosted by Stephen Cieslewicz and Nick Ferguson.

  • Stephen Cieslewicz is a past president of the UAA and is a recipient of the Utility Arborist Award and UAA President’s Award, among others. He’s also an internationally recognized expert in UVM.
  • Nick Ferguson is a Tech Sector leader specializing in Utility Vegetation Management, with subject matter expertise across electricity use cases and O&G midstream use cases.

Steve and Nick interview utilities, regulators, technologists, contractors and lawyers. They cover diverse topics such as program optimization, safety, environmental concerns and new technology. If you have lots of windshield time during trips in the field, you can download the episodes to your mobile device in advance and still listen in areas where the connection is poor or non-existent.

Every two weeks a new episode is released. Find the episodes by searching for ‘The UVM Podcast’ on your favorite podcast app (AppleGoogleAmazonSpotifyiHeartRadio). CEU quizzes corresponding to each episode are posted regularly on the UAA member website. A link to each quiz can also be found in the show notes for each podcast episode. Steve and Nick always welcome suggestions for topics or guest speakers. Reach out to them with your ideas at podcast@utilityvegetationmanagement.com.