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Renee Phillips has always made herself available to UAA members for their questions on committee assignments, educational opportunities, scholarships and the association’s mentorship program – just to name a few.

But now our communications administration specialist is expanding her professional oversight as the UAA’s new Membership Manager.

“In this new role, my focus is on member growth and retention, improving our overall member services, logistics, communication, and education as well as providing a positive experience for members,” Renee says. “I want to get more of them involved, especially within the UAA Member Portal, and engage more with our student members.

Now three years into working for the UAA, Renee has witnessed the organization’s growth, including the recent staff additions of Outreach and Marketing Manager, Susan Roberts, and Executive Director, Dennis Fallon. In turn, she is dedicated to helping the member numbers grow as well.

“There are so many passionate, committed people in this industry, and the UAA membership offers great networking with and for those people,” she says. “I hope to make our current members more aware of what the UAA offers and reach out to potential members and encourage them to join.”

When she’s not working, Renee likes to read, watch odd documentaries on Netflix, find new things for her Wonder Woman collection, and spend time with her family.

Have any questions or concerns about your membership benefits? Renee is happy to talk to you. Email her at rphillips@gotouaa.org.